About Vince

Comedian Vince Barnett started out writing stand-up comedy with his former brother-in-law Kevin Hart in the late 1990’s and while traveling with Kevin. he was urged to take the mic for the first time at Club Sweet Cheeks in Atlantic City, NJ.  His ego suffered a disastrous blow when he was booed off stage in under 2 minutes. After this initial disappointment, Barnett vowed to never perform stand-up again and relegated his comedy to writing and traveling with Kevin during the early years of his career.

It took Barnett a few years to develop the heart to perform on stage again but he decided to do so out of necessity after moving to Washington, D.C. after his first divorce which left him broke and on the verge of depression. Barnett used comedy as his therapy. He was an instant hit on the DC comedy scene. He started making a name for himself and honing his craft in front of mainstream and urban audiences. His first real test would come in front of a sold out crowd at the DC Improv where he would open up for Kevin once again. He had the crowd in tears which was a far cry from his previous opening performance for Kevin. Barnett has since gone on to tour and perform at comedy clubs, theaters, colleges and universities all across the United States with some of the most recognizable names in comedy today. He is currently being considered for an appearance on one of the major Late Night Television shows.

Barnett wrapped up a successful 2014 U.S. comedy tour which culminated in the recording of his first comedy CD “I’m Just Sayin” which is available both domestically and internationally on AmazonUS, AmazonUK, iTunes and Google Play. Barnett has recently completed work on an impromptu CD titled Post Valentines Therapy for Men and Women from his February 2014 show at the Dog Tag Bakery and continues to work on the follow-up sophomore album “I’ve Got More To Say” which promises to be even funnier.

You can create a Vince Barnett channel on Pandora or laugh with him on Spotify.

Barnett is a firm believer in giving back and supports many local and national charitable organizations. He also enjoys entertaining American troops, feeding the homeless and mentoring at risk youth.

“Vince Barnett has emerged as one of today’s brightest and funniest comedic talents.  He possesses a comfortable on stage presence reminiscent of comedians such as Cosby, Rock and Chappelle.  His charismatic personality is what landed him multiple guest appearances on NewsOne Radio and TV with Roland Martin, BET’s Bring That Week Back and a role in the indie film The Laundromat. Barnett’s conversational style and story telling only further exhibit his ability to engage and captivate audiences. To get a full appreciation of his talent, we highly recommend seeing his performance live.”

Staff Writer  –  World Wide Comedy Entertainment (July 2014)

“Barnett may be considered to be flying under-the-radar by most of the mainstream comedy industry; however, If constant laughter and standing ovations are any indicator of  an audiences appreciation of talent, we can expect a seismic shift on the comedy landscape.  It’s also worth mentioning, Barnett  has not only opened for comedy heavyweights Kevin Hart and Bill Cosby, but he held his own while doing so. We look forward to seeing and hearing more from this very talented comedian.”

Staff Writer – Metro Comedy Entertainment (November 2012)